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Methow Trails

In the winter of 1977 there was a small but passionate group

of individuals who began what we all know today as Methow

Trails. Thanks to the contributions of many over the last 40

years, our “family recreation” nonprofit has grown into North

America’s largest – and arguably best-groomed – cross-country

ski trail system. We have also grown into an economic force

that helps drive a vibrant year-round economy, with the help

of many local businesses and organizations, local personalities,

and visitors who return year after year to recreate.

Together we have created a network of trails that pulls in trail

enthusiasts from around the world. What makes the trails

worth experiencing are the meticulous daily improvements

that we make, inch by inch, ultimately covering all 7,603,200

fabulous inches of trail

Yet what makes the trails truly special isn’t the trails alone.

The Methow Trails system is ultimately an extension of this

community’s greatest qualities. The community’s generosity,

authenticity, friendliness, sense of adventure, and endless

potential are all curated by an impressively skilled team of

locals devoted to refining the trails. By design, the further you

ski, the deeper you connect to the people and places that make

this place possible.

In fact, one of the unique aspects of our trail network is that it

has been thoughtfully grown and supported by 175 families who

generously offer sections of their land for the shared interests

of this community. These locals have been the visionaries, and

they are unlike any other trail community… anywhere.

This crew truly makes all of our trail experiences possible. The

next time you are on a trail adventure in the Methow, please tip

your hat to all the “founders” you encounter. They are easy to spot

in the winter – they wear either one of the green passes reserved

for our landowners, or a gold pass for our lifetime-pass holders.

In honor of all those who have made the network of trails what

they are today, we are naming a very popular segment of the

Methow Community Trail after them. The previous Methow

Community Trail segement linking Mazama to Brown’s Farm

will now be called the Founders’ Trail.

Thank you – and here’s to another 40 years!

James DeSalvo - Executive Director, Methow Trails

Methow Trails

40th Anniversary Update

Yet what makes the trails truly special aren’t the trails alone.

The Methow Trails system is ultimately an extension of this

community’s greatest qualities.